FreePower 5600

FreePower 5600 is a modern and extremely stylish mobile charger, dedicated to all those who intensively use their devices every day.

As an additional power source, it may be indispensable during camping or hiking. FreePower 5600 is designed to provide power to any device equipped with a microUSB connector. Large capacity battery enables charging of an MP3 player and a tablet or handheld console. The battery can be recharged with a conventional charger or USB port available in every laptop.

With its compact design and small size, the battery fits easily in the pocket of your backpack or jacket.

  • Battery capacity 5600 mAh
  • Portable charging time approx. 4 hours
Device features
  • Easy charging of your smartphone, tablet and other devices as iPhone, iPad, iPod, and more
Box contents
  • Lark FreePower 5600
  • USB cable